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Sticky Pod Car Cameras

We here at Sticky Pod need to pass on our insight and experience of which camera makes and models work best with the Sticky Pod when connected to any auto, truck, van, vessel, bike, plane, RV, RV, trailer or some other vehicle. A few cameras work incredible and others, by outline, will just not work exceptionally well. In the first place how about we take a gander at cameras mounted to a vehicle. Dash Cam

Cameras Mounted To A Vehicle

Sticky Pod auto cameras can be the littlest projectile (lipstick) cameras up to the biggest Hollywood film cameras mounted to any vehicle on the planet. On the other hand, a few cameras unmistakably perform vastly improved than others. The principal thing we need you to acknowledge is the materials that the camera itself is made of. All cameras are made out of plastic with a metal subframe under the plastic to hold everything together. These metal subframes are the way to making a camera function admirably with a Sticky Pod. The primary thing you ought to search for in any camera, is one that has a metal mounting attachment. That is the screw gap that you use to connect the Sticky Pod to your camera. All cameras use them, however some little cameras don't have space for them, so please try to remain watchful what you purchase. As you will see when you go out to purchase a camera (or in your current camera), large portions of them have a plastic mounting attachment. These cameras still have a metal subframe, yet the maker utilized the plastic lodging to bolster your camera on a mount. This is the most exceedingly terrible kind of mount for use with a Sticky Pod. The plastic flexes and you can't fix the camera to the Sticky Pod as it will strip the strings inside the camera. Since the plastic on the camera will flex, this produces flimsy, temperamental video while driving, and is not the issue of the Sticky Pod, but rather of the camera itself. We do furnish you with video guidelines on the best way to utilize your Sticky Pod and we do give a few samples of what you can do to minimize the shake of a camera with a plastic mounting attachment.

Then again, there are numerous makes and models of cameras that utilization metal mounting attachments. These cameras have a mounting attachment that is joined specifically to the metal subframe of the camera itself. This is a great camera to decide for it's quality and strength when mounted to a Sticky Pod. Not just would you be able to get a decent tight fit to your Sticky Pod, yet these cameras produce significantly more steady and usable video, photos or film. So before you purchase, make certain to look at cameras and their physical elements.

What To Do Next?

On the off chance that you as of now have a camera with a plastic mounting attachment, you can at present use it with a Sticky Pod, however you may observe the recordings or photos to be undesirable when utilizing your camera at high speeds within or outside of any vehicle. Saying this doesn't imply that that you ought not attempt or that you can't utilize the camera elsewhere. Some of the time the street you're driving on is exceptionally smooth and the camera won't ricochet or vibrate. Different times, you will utilize your Sticky Pod in a stationary domain, for example, observation from a window in your home or office. Keep in mind, the Sticky Pod can stay set up for a few days on a window or whatever other smooth non-permeable surface. We additionally give a tie to included security in the occasion something happens when you're not around, something our rivals don't even offer and they never have. That ought to let you know something about us. Any way you take a gander at it, the Sticky Pod will hold your camera in more places, for a more drawn out time, than some other camera mount available today. The mysteries in the suction containers.
In the event that you as of now have a camera with a metal mounting attachment, congrats, you have an impeccable fit for any environment. This sort of camera has the quality and sturdiness for a long time of utilization and it works extraordinary with any Sticky Pod model.

Selecting Your Car Camera

As should be obvious from over, the best decision is the one that meets your physical necessities. In case you're never going to utilize a Sticky Pod in or on an auto while driving, then any camera with any style of mounting attachment will work. Be that as it may, it's not generally simple to foresee the future, so we profoundly suggest you select a camera with a metal mounting attachment. Different components to consider identify with the earth you will be putting your camera into. For instance, on the off chance that you anticipate catching recordings or pictures from the outside of your vehicle while dashing, a smart thought, then we prescribe a camera that has the accompanying physical elements:

Metal mounting attachment

Little and lightweight (numerous cameras today can weigh under 1 pound)

Little battery (not the broadened run batteries)

Lens channel (capacity to append a lens channel to secure the camera lens)

You ought to then search for the accompanying electronic components:

Computerized or electronic picture adjustment (more on this underneath)

MiniDV video tape design (all MiniDV produce DVD quality video)

i.Link or IEEE 1394 Firewire Port (to exchange the recordings or pictures to your PC)

You ought to abstain from purchasing advanced camcorders with hard drives or DVD recording due to their powerlessness to record in such a threatening situation. Each time you hit a knock, the camera will probably quit recording in view of the shaking movement. It's an element that is incorporated with the camera to secure the hard drive or DVD compose head.

The short rundown above incorporates a dominant part of cameras available today. Any neighborhood store will have a few options for you to look over. Simply make sure to get a gander at the base of the camera before you purchase. Try not to trust what the store partner lets you know about your new camera. You ought to confirm it's physical and electronic components for yourself by taking another one out of the container and audit it in that spot in the store.

On the off chance that dashing is not your style, but rather getting your neighbor, killjoy ex (wife) or moronic crooks in the act, then the Sticky Pod is the best decision for your observation cameras. Let's face honest, Sticky Pod doesn't simply give you a spot to mount your camera, it holds your camera shake consistent for perfectly clear computerized recordings and photos from any separation and in any lighting condition. In the event that you happen to get got in the demonstration amid a stake out in your auto, you can bring off with tires smoldering and never stress over your camera for even a minute. Presently with regards to observation, there are some incredible camera decisions available today. Not at all like the hustling conditions above, you can utilize the hard drive and DVD recording cameras with fabulous results. Some of these cameras can record DVD quality recordings for up to 37 hours! We need you to perceive this is a gigantic measure of force in your grasp. The best part is, the Sticky Pod can persevere for any longer than 37 hours. We have had Sticky Pods mounted to level or bended glass for over a week on end. They are that great! Here are the physical elements we prescribe for reconnaissance:

Metal mounting attachment (you never know when you may need to speed off, yet it's a bit much)

Substantial camera with a high optical zoom (make certain it's an optical zoom and not an advanced zoom)

Substantial battery or AC/DC connector (so you can connect it to for developed record times)

You ought to then search for the accompanying electronic elements:

Optical, advanced or electronic picture adjustment (commonly this is not required, but rather it's decent to have)

Hard drive or DVD recording arrangement (hard drives can record up to 37 hours!)

i.Link or IEEE 1394 Firewire Port (to exchange the recordings or pictures to your PC)

Low light advanced video recording (consider night vision since most wrongdoings happen around evening time)

Interim recording (makes time slip video over numerous hours)

For this situation, you need to purchase cameras with a hard drive or DVD for recording. That doesn't imply that a video tape is awful, you simply need to make sure the reconnaissance camera fits into the situation you're recording. For instance, on the off chance that you need to record your auto overnight from a window in your home, then a video tape that just keeps going an hour won't benefit you in any way. In any case, a camera that uses video tape and has interim recording capacities will work extremely well for simply such a situation. The best answer for your observation needs dependably incorporates a decent high determination result. All things considered, if the police or judge can't see the perps face, then the video is useless. That is the reason it's imperative to have a decent optical zoom on the camera you purchase. Attempt to zoom in on the region or individual you need to catch so you can unmistakably make out their face in the video or pictures. This additionally makes for a justifiable reason motivation to purchase a camera with night vision abilities. When you have the criminal on video, then you can make a move by reaching the police or neighborhood law implementation and they will have all the verification they have to bring charges. On the off chance that the individual perpetrated a wrongdoing, for example, urinating in broad daylight, you won't need to press any charges. Simply give the police the tape and they will take it from that point. Since it's a wrongdoing against the group, your employment is all done after you let them know who it is and turn over the tape. Dash Cam

Recognizing Camera Features

What's the distinction between optical zoom and computerized zoom?

Optical zoom permits the camera to catch zoom pictures without lost picture quality. Computerized zoom corrupts the nature of the photo the more you zoom in on the subject. It will come to the heart of the matter where you can't even see the subject. That is the reason computerized zoom is a useless component on all cameras and optical zoom is the thing that you need to concentrate on (reason the play on words). In evening time circumstances, the optical zoom is the best way to catch completely clear pictures from a separation. The optical zoom likewise works extremely well with the night vision. Dash Cam

Why is computerized or electronic picture adjustment superior to anything optical for hustling?

Optical picture adjustment utilizes two lenses to balance out a given scene you have in your viewfinder. There's a second lens behind the one you can see on the outside of the camera that moves in the oppo.

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